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The following images are mostly from the homepage master, daughter and son. They are not professional photographers. However, we hope that you enjoy them. Feel free to download for your personal use. For comments send us e-mail to the e-mail listed below each photo

Fotos de Houston/Houston Images

Cascadas artificiales/Waterfalls (Transco Tower)(4):

Cascadas artificiales/Waterfalls (1) (xxK)
Cascadas artificiales/Waterfalls (2) (xxK)
Otra foto de las cascadas/Another waterfall image (3) (xxK)
Vista general/Overview (Transco tower) (4) (xxK)

Astroworld (2):

Vista de funicular/Funicular view (xxK)
Show de Batman/Batman show (xxK)

Nasa (1):

Capsula Lunar/Moon capsule (xxK)

Shows Aereos/Air shows (Confederate air Force and others)(5):

La Fortaleza Volante/The flying fortress (xxK)
Avion bombardero/WW2 bomber (xxK)
Avion de la Guerra del Golfo Persico/Gulf war airplane (xxK)
Marines en Show Aereo/Marines drills (xxK)
Helicoptero Apache/Apache Helicopter (Gulf war) (xxK)

Parque de San Jacinto/San Jacinto Park (4)

San Jacinto 1/San Jacinto 1 (xxK)
San Jacinto 2/San Jacinto 2 (xxK)
San Jacinto 3/San Jacinto 3 (xxK)
San Jacinto 4/San Jacinto 4 (xxK)

Fotos de Galveston/Galveston Island Images

Peninsula de Bolivar/Bolivar Peninsula (2):

Ferry cruzando de Galveston a la Peninsula Bolivar/Ferry boat (xxK)
Otra vista del Ferry en Galveston/Another ferry boat picture (xxK)

Castillos de arena/Sand Castle competition (4):

Juego de ajedrez/Chess pieces (xxK)
Botas de vaquero/Cowboy boots (xxK)
Avion de arena/Airplane (xxK)
Torre de arena/Sand tower (xxK)

Fotos de San Antonio

Paseo del Rio/Riverwalk (4)

Paseo del rio 1/Riverwalk 1 (xxK)
Paseo del rio 2/Riverwalk 2 (xxK)
Paseo del rio 3/Riverwalk 3 (xxK)
Paseo del rio 4/Riverwalk 4 (xxK)

Fotos Paseo Yanahuana /Yanahuana Cruise Images (9)

Paseo a travez del rio de aguas claras: Viaje a travez del rio San Antonio, donde vivian los indios Papaya, cuando los exploradores Españoles arribaron./ Yanahuan cruise: Coming aboard you can imagine how it was on June 13th, in the year 1691, when the Spanish explorers and missionaires came upon the spring fed river, where the Papaya indian lived.

Paseo del rio/Yanahuana cruise images

Imagenes del Alamo /Alamo Images (5)

Misión del Alamo: Misión San Antonio de Valero, comunmente llamado El Alamo y fundado en 1718. Histórico sitio por la independencia de Texas./ Mission San Antonio de Valero: Founded in 1718 and commonly called the Alamo, the first mission on the San Antonio River. Historic site of Texas independence.

El Alamo photos/Fotos del Alamo

Imagenes de las Misiones de San Antonio/San Antonio Missions Images (9)

San Antonio Missions: Misión de la Concepcion./ Misiones de San Antonio: Mision de la Concepcion.

Pictures from San Antonio Missions/Fotos de las Misiones de San Antonio

Torre de las Americas/Tower of Americas Images (9)

Tower of Americas: Torre de las Americas. / Pictures taken from top of the tower: Fotos tomadas desde el tope de la torre.

Pictures from the tower of Americas (San Antonio)/Fotos desde la torre de las Americas (San Antonio)

Imagenes de Corpus Christy (1)

Portaaviones Lexington/Lexington aircraft carrier (WW2) (xxK)

Imagenes de Austin/Austin Images (1)

Torre del Capitolio/Capitolio tower (xxK)

Imagenes de Fredericksburg/Fredericksburg Images (5)

Roca Encantada: Inmensas cupulas de roca. Sitio sagrado de los Indios nativos./ Enchanted rock: Huge granite dome. A sacred place for Comanches Tomkawas. and Apaches. One of the most-photographed natural formation in Texas

Rocas de granito/Granite Boulders (xxK)
Entrada a las Rocas/Entrance (xxK)
Otra vista de las rocas/Another view of the rocks (xxK)
Talud de las rocas/Rock slope (xxK)
Vista desde la cima/View from the summit (xxK)

Puentes de Texas/Texas Bridges (2)

Puente en el Beltway 8/Beltway 8 bridge (xxK)
Otra imagen del puente en el Beltway 8/Another Beltway 8 Image (xxK)

Imagenes del Big Bend /Big Bend Images (6)

Parque Nacional Big Bend: Una area de magnificos contrastes, con sus espectaculares cañones y planicies. Ideal sitio para los que les gusta observar pajaros, como el famoso correcaminos./ Big Bend National Park: Encompasses 801,163 acres. It is an area of magnificent contrasts, with spectacular canyons and jungle- like floodplain. More than 430 bird species have been identified, including the personable roadrunner.

Big Bend photos/Fotos del Big Bend

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