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Well this page was just a project for a while.It happens that cleaning my garage I ran into an old phone book and I found on the cover this poem dedicated to the Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

So this will be my first poem as a tribute to those Veterans, who made this great country.

I am an American

I owe you no apologies nor will I accept
those apologies made for me by others.

If you dislike me ----you dislike me not for
what I am but for what you are not.
By my own sweat , I have created a lifestyle
which I desire for all men.

To the world, I have shared my wealth and
given my blood, not because of obligation ---
but by free will . I have fed the
hungry of the world. Many bit my hand;
I used the other hand.

I defeated my enemies in battle, then
pulled them up from the ashes of defeat.
Once strong , they again attacked; I turned
the other cheek. Though I am strong , I
have never used my strength to rule others.
But do not misjudge me, I will not allow the
fear of my own strength to become my

If you wish to rise, I will give you a helping
hand. But by the grace of God , and Iíll
be first dammed , if Iíll let you drag me
down so that we may be equal.

D. Ault

I have added some poems from my son George Luis Andrew


Swaying through the air
Monkeys howling like a bear
Birds chirping in the branches
Leopards creeping among the trees
Boas lurching through the leaves
Frogs hopping all around in the
morning breeze


Sparkles day and night
Stands without a fright
Marvelous and gleaming
Always hot and steaming
Never dull, but bright

Updated on 09/21/03

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