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The most popular sport in the whole world. Who invented it?. I guess it started in England, although some people say that its origins go back to Egypt or other ancient cultures. Well that is not too important, but what it is important now, is that soccer glues every four years the whole world together. During two or three weeks that the World Soccer Cup is played, most of the people from poor to rich, no matter what they are, focus their attention in this sport. Wars even started because of a soccer game. Honduras and Salvador got involved in a Soccer War back in the 70s, when they were not happy with the outcome of the game. Peru holds the infamous record of having more people death or injury during a soccer game, when back in the 70s also more than 300 people died inside the stadium when Peru's national team was playing against their counterpart from Argentine. British fans (the houlihans) are famous for causing disturbs in almost every world Soccer Cup, and they also had spectators that die during a Soccer game of a heart attack.

But that is the bad side, so lets go look at the good side. Soccer is an excellent sport, because unlike American Football and most of the sports that originated in USA, soccer can be played even by just two players and with anything but something that can be kicked. Actually you don't need a ball, you don't need to have wealthy parents to pay for body protection that cost a lot of mone and you don't need to be a big guy but just talented. When I was a child my brother and I used to stuff and old sock and used it as a ball. I myself actually didn't have an official size ball until I was 15 years old. Well, children today are luckiest than I, since most parents can afford a good ball, which is good.

So, who plays better soccer in the world?, I guess most people will agree with me, that Brazil (O milliore equipo do mundo), plays Soccer better than any other country. They just won the last World Soccer Cup that was stayed in Korea-Japan on 2002. Second to Brazil I will say it is Italy, and then very close other countries like Germany, Argentina and Uruguay.

The road to the Germany World Soccer Cup already started in Europe, South America and Asia. South America will have this time only 3 slots, and Brazil as champion will have to compete for one of the slots, with makes very difficult for countries like Peru, Chile, Colombia to get a ticket to Germany.

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Updated September 20, 2003

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