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  Arequipa "The White City"

    This is the page about Arequipa, called "The White City" Arequipa known as the "White City", justly deserves its nickname.Much of the city center is built of sillar, a white volcanic stone. Three volcanoes, in fact, tower over the city; Chachani, Misti, and Pichu Pichu.

Puente Grau

Founded on 15 August 1540 by Manuel Garcia de Carbajal, Arequipa is Peru's second largest city and it is located at 2325 metres (8792 feet) above sea level, it is also the capital of the department (equivalent to a state in USA).

Arequipa Map

The city commemorates the founding with a week-long fair. The fireworks show in the Plaza de Armas are spectacular. The city is filled with Colonial churches and mansions. Santa Catalina, a restored convent established in 1579 and open to the public since 1970 is surrounded by imposing high walls; it is like a city within a city. The nums who lived in that convent led a completed secluded life. Currently they are confined to a small section, so the remaining is open to the public for visiting.
The imposing Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas, reconstructed in 1844, La Compañia (Jesuit's church) on the south-eastern corner of the Plaza de Armas is one of the oldest churches in Arequipa, and withstood the earthquakes that shake this city quite often. San Francisco, La Merced and some of the restored mansions (Casa del Moral and the Casa de Tristan del Pozo) are also worth a visit.

To take a good look at the impressive Misti go to Yanahuara, a suburb within a walking distance of the town centre. You have to pass the Grau bridge (Puente Grau) over the Chili river, take Avenida Ejercito and then calle Lima (Lima street) who leads to a small plaza.

View of the Misti from Yanahuara. Photo by KRG

The church located in that plaza is also worth to see it. In the same area you find the picanteria Sol de Mayo, which is a restaurant who serves typical dishes from Arequipa. I recommend Rocoto relleno (stuffed hot red pepper covered with melted cheese) Also in this place you can try the drink Chiccha, which are served in large glasses called bebes.
Not too far from Yanahuara is located Cayma, another suburb with a historic church and nice sightseeing.


Airlines: Aero Continente has a flight from Lima to Arequipa every day.

Bus: Lima is 17 to 21 hours away by bus, depending the number of stops between final destination. Serving this route are the following bus lines; Ormeņo, Sur Peruano and Cruz del Sur.
Most of them make stops in Ica, Nazca, Chala and Camana before arriving to Arequipa.

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